Unique & functional and a great gift idea. Our solid Oak Doorstops

The doorstop is one of our best sellers. It sums up Urban Reclamation in so many ways. It is made from French Oak with an option to have metal or rope handles fitted.

Solid oak doorstops add character to any room and are a practical gift that will go down a storm. Unique, functional these make a great new home gift as well as a much loved birthday or Christmas gift.

We started selling them when a friend asked if we could make one as a wedding presents. One we started selling them we were asked for all types as well as engraving them for special occasions.

We see everything from emotional quotes, corporate logos, pet names etc. We are always surprised what people want engraving on them.

We do receive calls from customers after they have received their doorstop because they are worried about doorstops having cracks. Similar to the ageing process of our oak beams our doorstops may have small cracks or splits and is part of the natural beauty of the wood. The cracks can change over time as the wood reaches it’s equilibrium with its environment.  Very often the cracks will close up when the moisture in the block equalises with its surroundings. Cracking is part of the character of the wood. Blocks of these sizes cannot be seasoned without some sort of crack developing.

Cracking will not affect the function of the doorstop and the handle will stay secure. If any doorstop was to split in two, or the handle was to come loose, we will replace it with a new one regardless of how old it is.

At Urban Reclamation we feel doorstops aren’t just for keeping doors open, they are style statements which make attractive home accessories and add a unique touch to any room. Everything is handmade here in our Derbyshire workshop.