We always recycle & reuse all of our waste products from our manufacturing & delivery process which include all Wood Offcuts, Sawdust, Cardboard & Plastic materials.

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Bubble Wrap

In order to ensure all our bespoke products arrive in first class condition we still have to use bubble wrap for protection. All our irregular shaped items and sizes need protecting during delivery.

If you receive an order using bubble wrap we encourage you to re-use or recycle it locally to protect the environment from plastic waste.


We collect lots of sawdust through our many extraction units and generate many bags each day.

It is then used as bedding material for animals as well as on allotments.

Nothing goes to waste if possible.

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Wood Offcuts

We generate lots of wooden offcuts each week.

All our wood offcuts are either reused or given away free of charge to the local community.

Tree Planting

Coming Soon

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